3 Reasons to Get Self-Adhesive Smart PDLC Film

Self-adhesive smart PDLC film provides an easy and cost-effective alternative to other switchable lamination technologies. To install the smart film, you can stick the self-adhesive layer to the glass directly without any special equipment needed. It is a simple way to convert an ordinary glass surface into transparent or opaque mode depending on your requirement. The on-mode allows the PDLC film to turn transparent while in the off-mode, it stays as an opaque surface. Thus, with the flick of a switch,  the self-adhesive smart glass film turns from transparent to opaque and back again.

Advantage of Self-Adhesive PDLC Film

Though privacy is the crucial reason for this technology, it is multi-functional and suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are a few primary reasons to opt for a self-adhesive smart PDLC film.

  1. Privacy

Smart glass offers a superior privacy solution than other traditional solutions. It is thick enough to keep your space silent and away from the disruption of any intruder. Anyone can make their living and working space secured with this new-age switchable privacy film. Due to privacy concerns, it is applied to glasses in hospitals, hotels, conference rooms and study rooms.

  1. UV protection

The self-adhesive PDLC film is installed on the existing glass with a simple ‘peel and stick’ method. It is UV resistant up to 99.5% in the off state. At the same time, it is energy efficient because it can resist 86.9%% heat radiation and save your electricity bill. For the same reason, it is widely used and applied on clear glass for offices, hospitals, showrooms, museums and residential indoor usage     .

  1. Projections

Switchable Smart Projection Film is designed with a self-adhesive PDLC coating, which makes the installation process quick and straightforward. This film adjusts easily into any architectural or contemporary interior, historical buildings, and modern hi-tech environments. It is used for projections in theatres, concert halls, stadiums, shopping malls, hotels and museums.

Today, the innovative and niche PDLC glass films are used for various purposes in both commercial and residential places. It is a convenient and user-friendly technique      operated through a simple click of a button. As per the latest innovation,  you can control the glass with a remote, switch, or even a mobile app. It offers intimacy, shading, cooling, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

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