Our core expertise is PDLC or Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal technology. We offer our esteemed clients the choicest films and glasses crafted carefully with this smart technology. We are committed to enable our customers – be it residential or commercial – live and work in an environmental setup that is cool and pleasant, safe and secure, private and personalized.

Our PDLC equipped glass films and glass panels operate as projection screen, advertising panel, and create confidential spaces during meetings in offices and factories. At homes, our individual customers can use these films and glass panels as intelligent blinds to protect themselves from the damaging ultraviolet and infrared rays. It also helps them be comfortable in their own homes ensuring that their privacy is never compromised. With optimum thickness, the glass films and YuGuang’s switchable smart glass also act as a layer of protection when applied on the windows and doors of homes and offices. There is a choice for everyone as our light-control solutions are available in different shapes and sizes, with the flexibility of customization.

Our solutions are used in commercial and residential applications. In houses and individual homes, our smart glass films offer a cool and comforting zone for residents, protecting millions from the potentially dangerous ultraviolet rays as well as the external heat and noise. YuGuang’s glass films also provide individuals and residents with the much-needed privacy and discretion.

In the commercial aspect, our smart and new-age PDLC glass films and switchable smart glass are used in offices, industrial workplace, bathrooms in hotels, banks, and hospitals. Besides being used to replace the traditional glass walls, this high-tech mechanism is used for rear projection of business presentations at meetings, advertisements and display windows at shopping malls and shops.