A hotel is usually a place of comfort and leisure. This is where you visit to spend some valuable time with yourself and your loved ones. Be it a leisure stay or an official one, guests always look for the perfect ambience in a hotel. The PDLC technique works amazingly well in hotels and resorts where owners and managers spend millions to create the right feel that is a mix of the right temperatures and comfort parameters. YuGuang’s PDLC glass films filter the warmth from the sun to keep the temperatures within the hotel space pleasant. While these filters block off the harmful rays, they also provide undeniable privacy.

Hotels can typically use YuGuang’s innovative products in bathrooms, lobbies, guest rooms, restaurants and more. The micro-sized molecules within the PDLC films straighten up in a regular pattern as soon as the electric supply is switched on; the glass film becomes completely transparent to provide crystal-clear views. When switched off, the PDLC glass film returns to its original opaque state. These highly specialized and superior quality products from YuGuang promise a memorable stay for your guests, through and through.