Your workplace – office, workshop, warehouse, factory – is a place of regard and honour where you close deals, work and promote your business. It needs to be absolutely elegant, minimalistic, impressive and professional. Smart PDLC glass films from YuGuang are utilized to transform your place of work into a zone of comfort and safety.

Switchable and intelligent glass films and glass panels can be added to meeting rooms, doors, private cabins and cubicles. In an instant, the place will be filled with light due to the translucent mode of these materials. Within seconds, change your workplace to private offices just right for a confidential meeting room or use a wall as a projector screen for your business presentation. Chic, cool and extremely stylish, this is one of the most cost-effective ways of transforming the look and utilities of your office, permanently or on a temporary basis.

We, at YuGuang, invest a lot of time and effort into research and development work to come up with world-class innovative glass film products using the new-age PDLC technique. Polymer dispersed light control technique helps regulate the temperature and light within the four walls of your office effectively and optimally.