Self-Adhesive PDLC Film

Our self-adhesive smart PDLC Films are the easiest way to convert an ordinary glass surface into transparent and opaque modes depending on the requirement. The on mode lets the PDLC film become transparent while in the off mode, it remains as an opaque surface. With a pre-existing self-adhesive layer, it is so simple and effortless to install the self-adhesive smart PDLC films from YuGuang.

The technique for controlling the on and off stage of YuGuang’s self-adhesive PDLC glass films can be operated by either a remote, switch or even a mobile app. It is extremely user-friendly, sticks with a long-lasting firmness on new or existing glass frames and does not require any kind of specialized installation. Convenience is ensured as one side of the film is manufactured with a self-adhesive layer that simply needs to be peeled off and stuck to the glass panes.

Offering easy-to-use solution in residential and commercial space, this new-age privacy can be controlled by a simple click of a button. Make your living and working space secure using YuGuang’s innovative and niche self-adhesive PDLC glass films that are thick enough to disrupt an intruder.

Why us?

  • Over a decade of experience working with the revolutionary technologies in the field
  • Flexible customized designs, shapes and sizes offered
  • Available in five different standard sizes with a wide range of choices
  • Impeccable service offerings
  • Well-equipped in-house R&D facilities
  • The latest and the most advanced technical aids that help us come up with optimized solutions backed by artificial intelligence and smart technology.

Specification of Yuguang Adhesive Smart Film
Working VoltageAC60V
ThicknessHigh Transparency 0.4mm
Ultra Transparency 0.4mm
Max WidthHigh Transparency 1800mm
Ultra Transparency 1200mm
Roll WidthHigh Transparency 1m, 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.5m, 1.8m
Ultra Transparency 1m, 1.2m
Grey1.2m, 1.5m
Roll LengthHigh/ Ultra/ Grey30m, 50m
Light TransmittanceHigh Transparency On- 81%; Off- 4%
Ultra Transparency On- 86%; Off-3.8%
GreyOn- 39.6%; Off- 2%
Haze CoefficientHigh Transparency On- 5.32; Off- 91.85
Ultra Transparency On- 4.5; Off- 91.6
GreyOn- 4.1; Off- 91.5
Adhesive Performance7 Grams/cm²
UV Blocking≥99%
IR Blocking≥98%
Operating Temperature-30°C~ 70°C
Power Consumption6~ 8W/M²
Warranty2 Years
Life Span≥15 Years

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