Non-Adhesive PDLC Smart Film

Our high-grade non-adhesive smart PDLC film is ideal for factory, offices, commercial and business establishments. Using EVA lamination process, this film can be used to convert any type of glass surface into a well-designed, high-definition, new age and smart projection screen. Our products come with guaranteed and consistent performance.

What is the PDLC Technology?

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC) film uses electric power to operate as switchable or smart films. The molecular structure of the film helps switch between a transparent and an opaque mode on two extremes. The presence of minute liquid crystal polymers in optically isotropic state enables the material to behave in this manner.

In the off state, the molecules are present as clusters. As a result, the light is dispersed without entering the film that renders it opaque. In the on state, the molecules are aligned in one direction, allowing the passage of light, thereby making the film transparent.

We, at YuGuang, offer three distinct varieties of superior quality PDLC films. The non-adhesive films are squeezed between multiple layers of glass surfaces to transform the glass into an electronic blind of incomparable quality. Using the PDLC technology, the glass surface becomes an opaque wall in the off state – when the surface does not get any electric power and in the on state, becomes a transparent or translucent electronic sheet that can be used as a screen or an advertising panel. The proven intelligence of the technology makes it an ideal choice for commercial clients to convert their offices into a secure zone for their employees and crucial data.

This high-end technique from YuGuang has no close competition in the market because we work with the best materials and technical aids to manufacture supreme quality products.

Specification of Yuguang Non Adhesive Smart Film
Working VoltageAC60V
ThicknessHigh Transparency 0.38mm
Ultra Transparency 0.38mm
Max WidthHigh Transparency 2000mm
Ultra Transparency 1200mm
Roll WidthHigh Transparency 1m, 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.5m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.0m
Ultra Transparency 1m, 1.2m
Grey1.2m, 1.5m
Roll LengthHigh/ Ultra/ Grey30m, 50m
Light TransmittanceHigh Transparency On- 81%; Off- 4%
Ultra Transparency On- 86%; Off-3.8%
GreyOn- 39.6%; Off- 2%
Haze CoefficientHigh Transparency On- 5.32; Off- 91.85
Ultra Transparency On- 4.5; Off- 91.6
GreyOn- 4.1; Off- 91.5
UV Blocking≥99%
IR Blocking≥98%
Operating Temperature-30°C~ 70°C
Power Consumption6-8W/M²
Warranty2 Years
Life Span≥15 Years

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