Smart Switchable Glass

Trust YuGuang’s switchable glass to convert your rooms into a zone of high privacy and discretion. With a smart PDLC film squeezed between multiple glass layers, it is easy to switch from opaque to transparent mode hassle-free with our intelligent switchable glass panels. An absolute delight to use in residential and commercial places, our switchable smart glass solutions convert the space into a high comfort zone with complete insulation from external heat, sound and sun rays.

The advantages of choosing the smart switchable glass from YuGuang are leading-edge technology and excellent services. Our smart glass frames are pre-fixed and pre-installed with either the non-adhesive PDLC laminations sandwiched between two panels of glass frames, or the self-adhesive PDLC films that stick to the glass panel.

Benefits of YuGuang’s Smart Glass:

  • Smart glass solutions made from the best quality PDLC films
  • Glass panels available in different choices of widths and colours
  • Facilitated with extremely easy installation features
  • All our glass panels and films are scratch-resistant and wear-and-tear resistant
  • Guaranteed quality that has been time-tested for proven results and performance
  • Professional and quick delivery to any part of the globe
  • Pleasant customer interactions with prompt revert and updates

Our smart switchable glass frames offer the most effective energy saving options that not only help clients save on power and power costs, but also helps them work in a sustainable environment. YuGuang’s smart glasses are bestowed with new-age technology that can be controlled via a remote control, switch mechanism or Wi-Fi.

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