Quality Assurance

In our industry, quality assurance and quality control are two important pillars for providing optimized solutions to our clients. At YuGuang, we take utmost care to formalize the quality assurance steps during the initiation itself. Due to our expertise and experience,  Shenzhen YuGuang New Material has today about 20 technical patents. We believe in innovation to work with cutting-edge technology and offer the most cost-effective light control and smart home and office solutions to our customers.

Since our mission has been to offer the best and the finest, we possess all international certifications and approvals that guarantee our superior product quality. Some of the international organizations that have certified YuGuang are:

  • ISO 9001: One of the highest formats of standardization in the international market, it certifies our quality management system that matches with the required standards at a global level.
  • SGS: This certification is a matter of pride and an assurance of our systems, processes and products to authenticate our manufacturing methods and processes.
  • CE or Conformitè Europëenne mark: A conformance that our light control solutions are eligible for sale within the European Economic Area.
  • ROHS: Pertaining to Restriction of Hazardous Substances, it is relevant to our industry as the technology is based on smart concepts.
  • China 3C: This is our local certification from mainland China also called the China Compulsory Certification that acknowledges us as an authorized entity to export our products outside and within China for sale.

Quality Assurance Certifications are a proof of our honest commitment towards offering our customers with high-end and niche products that are well researched, time-tested and have a proven track record.