Technical Support

This is a core area of focus at YuGuang. For us, our customers are crucial to our growth and success, which is why we have a foolproof technical support team offering proficient support to our partners and global and local customers.

We work with an extensive range of direct corporates, resellers and original equipment manufacturers. In our concerted efforts to provide high-quality services and support, we use both the online and offline medium to work with our customers and partners.

For offering exclusive technical support, our website features videos and blogs on different aspects related to Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) smart glass films and switchable smart glass. From tutorials to self-installation guides, we aim at providing all possible support through our online presence so that our customers are self-reliant when it comes to working with our smart PDLC glass films and technology.

Our videos cover elemental concepts of PDLC film to address specific topics such as using the self-adhesive PDLC glass film to wiring diagrams and concepts. We also have an exhaustive gallery of pre and post installation phases for better clarity of PDLC technique and its application.

Lastly, our technical Frequently Asked Questions section covers all queries that usually customers enquire about. The objective is to provide all possible handholding support to our customers to help them work with our new-age glass films independently, without taking help from trained technicians.

In case there are any more specific queries about PDLC or YuGuang’s smart light control technology, you are welcome to contact on our contact page, live chat or email, and we will revert within a given period.